Room to Grow

"The Boston Bullpen Project provided Amy the greatest gift.  With their help she is able to take the next step towards accomplishing her education goals and achieving economic stability for her family. 

Amy's dream has been to finish school and complete her degree in Early Childhood Education. But when she was unable to pay her student loan, things took a turn for the worst.  She became stuck, unable to register for classes and unable to pay back an increasing student loan debt.   She has been working tirelessly, full time and overtime as a Daycare provider (and babysitting for her clients on weekends) just to make ends meet.  Paying off the student loan and getting back to school just didn't seem possible. 

Today, with the help of the Boston Bullpen Project, Amy is student loan debt free!  As soon as the school received the check, the freeze on her account was lifted.  She is free to register for classes and move forward, towards a better future for herself and her family. We are beyond grateful for the Boston Bullpen Project  and excited to see what Amy's future holds because of them!"  - Susan Stewart-Bermon LICSW, Clinical Team Lead, Room to Grow - Boston

Matthew Carlin