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Teaming Up to Support Greater Boston’s In-Need Families and Individuals


Behind every great baseball team is a strong bullpen. And behind many of Boston’s most established and esteemed social service organizations is a team ready to support their community’s at-risk members.

Boston BullPen Project is a non-profit organization that partners with a diverse range of social service professionals, including groups devoted to caring for homeless individuals and families, veterans, at-risk youth and others in need. Together with these organizations and supporters, we work to identify and fill urgent needs, providing financial support, while fostering a spirit that empowers others to pay it forward.

Donated funds will be distributed within the Greater Boston area.


Providing Support

For those in need, a missed rent payment, a lapse in insurance coverage or a lack of transportation can mean the difference between persistent struggle and a path to success. Boston BullPen Project provides specific support at critical junctures for struggling families and individuals. We are committed to meeting these urgent needs, with the ultimate goal of improving the overall quality of life.

When our partner organizations identify a client with an urgent need that falls outside the scope of their mission, they reach out to Boston BullPen Project. We help close that gap in service, providing financial support to cover the cost of basic essentials.

  • Furniture and Vital Home Appliances

  • Clothing

  • Utility payments

  • Rent

  • Medical bills

  • Transportation

  • Educational Supplies and Payments

Because we understand the power of philanthropy and how even small gestures can make a big impact, every individual helped by Boston BullPen Project receives a gift card to “pay it forward” to help others in need, thus creating the ripple of philanthropy.

Support the team that’s going to bat for Boston’s in-need communities!


“The two most important things in life are good friends and a strong bullpen.” —Bob Lemon

The BullPen Story

Boston BullPen Project was established in early 2017. But its roots began growing long ago.

Childhood friends, the four of us have shared many things over our decades-long relationship. Chief among them: a love of baseball and a commitment to helping those in need.

We’re lifelong Bostonians with deep personal and professional ties to our community. We are fortunate to have achieved success in our respective fields and feel that we have been afforded a unique opportunity to provide help to those in need.

When we decided to bring the BullPen to life, we called upon our varied experiences with other charitable causes to show us how we wanted the Boston BullPen Project to operate.

OUR vision:

  • To provide help to a wide and diverse community of Boston residents, including veterans, families, at-risk youth, homeless, patients, and others

  • To partner with agencies and groups that are experienced with offering support to in-need residents, ensuring help is provided where it’s needed most

  • To identify gaps in social services and respond quickly and effectively to critical needs that would otherwise go unfulfilled

  • To promote a spirit of “paying it forward.” Recipients of Boston BullPen Project’s help receive a gift card to share with a friend or family member in need

Funds donated to Boston BullPen Project are used to fulfill requests for critical support, often within just 24-48 hours.

Support the Boston BullPen Project!


Offering Relief from the BullPen

Thank you Boston Globe and Thomas Farragher for the feature on Boston BullPen Project—and for helping us get the word out about the work we're doing to support our community's less fortunate members.


“Too often in a pursuit of education, careers, and the outcomes many of us desire, we forget or simply can't understand the short-term challenges that many people face today, that if not dealt with, will prevent tomorrow. Whether it's first and last month’s rent, a utility bill that's more than expected, or a blown tire, these seemingly acute problems can create a host of chronic challenges and a mountain of debt and financial problems that become nearly impossible to overcome. Boston Bullpen fills a critical, and often overlooked need, as they allow people to stay on track for long-term success by handling those acute challenges of today.”



Founding Board

Ben Levin, Esquire, Steve Alperin, Michael Connelly, Alan Stern, M.D.

Ben Levin, Esquire, Steve Alperin, Michael Connelly, Alan Stern, M.D.

Steve Alperin

Steve is a retired portfolio manager, former left-handed pitcher and a 1987 graduate of Bentley College (now University). He worked with Harvard Management through 2011 and retired from the investment business in 2016 to spend more time with his family, serve as a hospice volunteer for Hebrew Senior Life and to help start the Boston BullPen Project. He lives in Wayland with his wife Krista and their four children.

Alan Stern, M.D.

A graduate of Brown University and the University of Vermont College of Medicine, Alan is a practicing physician at Needham Pediatrics. He’s actively involved in teaching medical students and residents and has served on various boards and committees over the years, including The Practicing Pediatricians of Children’s Hospital, the Needham Board of Health, The Children’s Room and Franklin Park Zoo. An avid baseball and lacrosse fan, he lives with his wife Lori in Needham and has three college-aged children.

Ben Levin, Esquire

Ben is a lawyer and partner at Levin and Levin, LLP. He received his Bachelor of Arts in Economics from Boston University College of Arts and Sciences in 1999 and his Juris Doctor from Massachusetts School of Law in 2004. An avid Boston sports fan and fitness devotee, he lives in Hingham with his wife Tamala and their two children.

Michael Connelly

A Bentley College graduate (where he played baseball with fellow BullPen board member Steve Alperin), Michael is a Senior Vice President of Commercial Lending. Passionate about sports and writing, he has married these interests and authored six sports-themed books over the last two decades. He is also passionate about giving back to his community and is a lifelong resident of West Roxbury, where he lives with his wife Noreen and son Ryan.



2019 Urban Empowerment Award
2017 Outstanding Community Partner Award

These awards are presented to leaders and organizations who share Year Up’s values and vision and who are making a strong and measurable impact on urban young adults.



“The BullPen stepped in to stop my family’s eviction from our apartment. Instead of being separated at different shelters, my mother, younger brother, and I were able to stay together, in our own home, while we figured out our long-term options. We have now been able to secure long-term housing, and I am extremely grateful to not have been split up from family during this stressful process and can instead focus on my main goal right now: earning my high school equivalency degree.”


“I can’t express the overwhelming joy and sense of relief I felt receiving the grocery gift card from you! Being a single parent with two growing children is not an easy task. There are some nights I go without eating to make sure the kids have enough to eat. I find it extremely difficult, after bills and miscellaneous expenses are paid, to have enough money left over. Your agency has lifted a huge weight off of my shoulders, and I can’t thank you enough.”


“Thank you for helping my family with the expenses for our new apartment. Almost two years ago, our house caught fire, and we were homeless for three months. My kids were separated, and I was sleeping in my car. As a child, I bounced from foster home to detention facilities and vowed I would provide my children with stability. Losing our home was devastating for them and traumatic for me also. Words could never describe the appreciation I have for your program. My children and I plan on paying it forward by way of gift bags for the homeless. We drive by a shelter in our new neighborhood daily, and we are going to put together bags with some health and beauty items for the holidays.”


“I am very grateful for the payment of my healthcare premiums for three months. I was able to work it out so that I can stay in my home and not have to leave the assisted living community where I have been for the past four years. Thank you so much again for the help when it was needed.”



Our Partners

Boston BullPen Project partners with established social service organizations to identify and fulfill immediate, short-term needs that may fall outside these programs’ missions or budgets. The organizations are thoroughly reviewed to ensure that donated funds are responsibly distributed.

Interested in becoming a Boston BullPen Project partner? Or want to know more about how our partnerships work? Contact Us

Our Supporters

Boston BullPen Project would not be able to do the work we do without an extensive network of committed supporters. These organizations provide the goods, services and financial support that allow us to make a powerful difference in the lives of our community’s in-need residents.

Interested in becoming a Boston BullPen Project supporter? Contact Us



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